Monday, November 3, 2008

Get out the vote for Cheech and Chong!

You have always been big supporters of pot legalization. Do you think that's imminent?

Chong: The more they study it, the more they find out that it's good for you. It treats so many ailments. It really is a medicine, and it has been since the beginning of time. The Bible was actually written by people under the influence of cannabis, there's a lot of proof of that. I think personally that the marijuana culture is the answer to America's economic woes right now. Because this is the biggest cash crop in the world, and the stock market falling has not hurt the pot industry whatsoever. So whether they legalize it or not it really doesn't matter, because it's here to stay and it's up to the government to decide if they want to keep spending billions of dollars on a hopeless cause.

Cheech: I just want it to be legal so we can be the spokesmen, and then we never have to work again!

That's change I can deal with!

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Nate said...

Legalizing the good herb seems like such a no-brainer I can no longer generate any imaginative sympathy for the former-Nate that thought it would be a bad idea.

I guess when I became convinced that ALL drugs should be legalized the ridiculousness of the arguments against marijuana seemed obvious.