Monday, November 3, 2008

Early hints about Obama appointees

From Politico:

His personal assistant, Reggie Love, will wear jeans, as he always does on election days. And Jen Psaki, the press secretary who has traveled with the Obama press corps almost every day since the Iowa caucus, will slip into the cowboy boots that she bought during the Texas primary—if for no other reason than she feels they are “lucky.”

About 20 guys in the Ohio office haven’t shaved since Obama pulled ahead of McCain, Pickrell said, pausing to point out a bearded colleague who walked by. “We shower, we change clothes, we do all that stuff,” he said, but they haven’t put a razor to their faces. “It’s ridiculous, I admit it, but what else are you going to do?”

I don't fear Obama, I fear all the kooks and goobers in the Democrat party who he will be forced to turn to fill all the appointments. Imagine James Carville running the Education Department. God knows who gets to run the Treasury, someone from Goldman Sachs I presume. Buy that stock. As for HUD, I'll make a wild prediction that someone from ACORN gets that, say the embattled founder Wade Rathke.


hb said...

Really? Democrat party?

Anyway, you haven't named anyone seriously under consideration for anything important in this post. Carville's a political consultant, always has been, and he won't be inside any agency of government. All the rest are campaign people.

But you were probably being sarcastic. In which case, I'll just say that the appointees will be really good at their jobs and you'll agree with me in, oh, two years's time.

Will McBride said...

Hope you're right. My guess is he's going for the center, but to do that he'll have to fight all those to the left who now dominate congress.