Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An inconvenient film about "Inconvenient Truth"

Watch Mine your own business. I haven't seen it yet, only because I was turned away after every libertarian in town came out of the woodwork for it.

But I got this email:

P.S. Below, please find some of the "Fun Facts" that we showed at the D.C. screening.
1. An Inconvenient Truth (AIT) is the third highest grossing documentary film. Its revenues are:
a. $24.1 million
b. $17.3 million
c. $41.3 million
d. All of the above
Answer: All of the above. AIT earned $24.1 million domestically and $17.3 million at foreign box offices, for a total of $41.4 million.

2. An Inconvenient Truth is -- or soon will be -- required viewing for students in:
a. Norway
b. Sweden
c. Scotland
d. All of the above
Answer: All of the above. The film is already required viewing in Norway and Sweden. Scotland is currently integrating AIT into its curriculum.

3. An Inconvenient Truth is currently being viewed:
a. In home screenings
b. At places of worship
c. In the U.S. public schools
d. All of the above
Answer: All of the above

4. Participant Productions will be training 1,000 Climate Change Messengers to:
a. Enhance their knowledge of climate change
b. Equip them with debating skills
c. Teach them how to be community activists
d. All of the above
Answer: All of the above

Addendum: And now the policy results.

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Stephen said...

My spiral tapeworm is so efficient at digesting, everyone should consider using one.

Sell your stock in the makers of Imodium AD, folks, it won't be necessary after I market my spiral tapeworm.

Slightly more seriously, why not let the market decide if they want frikkin' efficient light bulbs? Just put the word "Sport" on the package along with a pricing campaign that shows you'll save energy, purchase less replacement bulbs, etc. etc.

Will, don't get married, man. You'll spend your Friday nights at home...